After Trauma, There Is Life

I heard a broadcast recently where young businessmen were talking about the pandemic. It’s the first time they’ve had to deal with disaster recovery and business continuity. I could hear the fear and uncertainty in their voices. I wished they were in front of me so I could give them hope that one day we … Continue reading After Trauma, There Is Life

Godly Remembrance

Recently was the anniversary date of a difficult situation. It’s been years since I had to deal literally with that circumstance, but the anniversary still affects me. It’s not conscious. I may not even remember the date or think about it. But when I start to feel the spiritual and emotional impact, I remember, and … Continue reading Godly Remembrance

Saved from Drowning

I’d like to shift gears and share a little about summer again. This summer I had a wonderful time tubing and kayaking in the river with my friends. We went on several river outings and each one seemed more wonderful than the last. We always prayed before we left, and it’s a good thing! On … Continue reading Saved from Drowning

Dog Fear … Gone!

When I got home tonight, I discovered I’m no longer afraid of the dogs. I rent a beautiful apartment on the property of a wonderful family. They have three dogs. One is very docile and always greets me with a friendly tail wag when I arrive. He never seems to bark. The other two always … Continue reading Dog Fear … Gone!

9/11 Healing (Lenten Day Apart)

On March 17, 2012 I gave a talk at Homer United Methodist Church in Homer, Georgia for the "Lenten Day Apart" celebrated by United Methodist Women in the Gainesville District. I was asked to share specifically about my 9/11 healing, and to work with the Scripture theme of the event: Isaiah 43:18-19. Following is my draft from which … Continue reading 9/11 Healing (Lenten Day Apart)

Seeking Healing from 9/11 Trauma – Inner Healing Ministry Session Notes

Following is my recollection of the inner healing ministry session where I sought the Lord for healing from the trauma of 9/11 – ten years after the event (August 24, 2011). *** We opened in prayer. Then I began to share with my prayer minister how I felt, coming up on the 10th anniversary of … Continue reading Seeking Healing from 9/11 Trauma – Inner Healing Ministry Session Notes

The Peace of Christ – My 9/11 Testimony

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I was asked to share my testimony in church. I had only recently received healing through an inner healing ministry session, and so I felt able to share. Following is the draft from which I gave my presentation. ***** For 10 years, I worked across the street from the … Continue reading The Peace of Christ – My 9/11 Testimony

His Strength in Me

I think one reason it's so easy for me to write novels is that my life reads like one. When I think of all the different kinds of trauma and crisis I've been through; my life reads like a work of fiction. How could any one person deal with so much! All the "big things" that psychologists … Continue reading His Strength in Me

Why I Wear a Cross

A few days ago, someone asked me why I wear a gold cross around my neck. Well, I'll tell you why. Have you ever been madly in love with someone, and they give you something - a ring, a bracelet - that will always remind you of them? That's why I wear this cross around my neck. … Continue reading Why I Wear a Cross