What Are Prayer Cloths?

Prayer cloths are a wonderful way to share healing prayers with your loved ones. A prayer cloth is a tiny piece of fabric that you pray over, and then you give it to someone in need of healing. They can carry it with them in their pocket. It is a constant comfort and reminder to … Continue reading What Are Prayer Cloths?

Little Toes and Healing Prayer

I broke my toe last week. Owie! It's not the first time. I've broken my little toe twice before, once on my left foot, once on my right. The first time I was living and teaching in Siberia (Russia) and on the road with a group of college students to a conference in Ukraine in the … Continue reading Little Toes and Healing Prayer

God’s Love Heals

You are loved. You are valuable and valued. God loves you. He wants to be around you. He's personal enough to see you. His love is refreshing. Life-giving. He heals because He loves you. God answers prayers. You’re important to Him. He hears the cry of your heart. You’re the apple of His eye***. He … Continue reading God’s Love Heals