Prayer Lessons from God’s Heart

A week ago I returned from a surprise mission trip to Guatemala. What a blessing, in countless ways, many of which I am probably still not aware of. God used that time in Guatemala - away from familiar surroundings and language - to teach me a lot about His heart for prayer. I am so … Continue reading Prayer Lessons from God’s Heart

Surprise Trip to Guatemala!

I'm heading to Guatemala today on a mission trip. What? You didn't know I was going? Neither did I! Many of you don't know the story so I'll share, because it's always good to be reminded God can do the impossible. Hearts for the Children ministry has been part of my heart since my first … Continue reading Surprise Trip to Guatemala!

More Faces of Nepal … Thank You for Praying

A beautiful daughter of God in the Trishuli, Nepal marketplace ... please pray for her and her family ... A little one dancing with Jesus at a Nepali church service ... At home in the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas ... the pollution is real and painful to breathe ... but God is real too, … Continue reading More Faces of Nepal … Thank You for Praying

Faces of Nepal … and Prayers

Remembering friends in Nepal today ... and praying for them. So many beautiful faces ... adults trying to get through the day, as we all do ... trying to keep their families safe ... food on the table ... finding joy and laughter ... Nepal is not an easy place to live, but the people … Continue reading Faces of Nepal … and Prayers

Imagine Not Having a Voice

The past month has been interesting. My flesh would choose other words to describe it: "difficult," "frustrating," "heartbreaking." I'm beginning to realize I don't have that luxury. I am (in the words of Paul) a bondservant of Christ. Jesus owns me - He bought me with His own life. I can't complain about ... well, … Continue reading Imagine Not Having a Voice