4 Things to Know about Generational Healing

Generational healing prayers are among my favorites. Why? Because I have seen such powerful changes through these prayers. Consider this: Because of the power of Christ, you have the ability today to stand in for entire generations of your family and repent for generational sin. God can bring redemption and realignment to your family line, … Continue reading 4 Things to Know about Generational Healing

God Stopped the Curse

In researching my dad's side of the family tree, I discovered my 2nd great grandfather was a Civil War soldier. I never knew that. In prayer ministry and in traveling around the Southeast, I've experienced visions of pain and fire and death. At the leading of Christ, I've prayed to close the generational doors. I … Continue reading God Stopped the Curse

Got Family Stories? Someone Wants to Know

I’ve always loved history. In high school, I covered the walls of my bedroom with historical maps. It wasn’t about the dates, the who-did-what-and-where. It was about the people – the way they lived, their conversations, and the settings where their daily lives played out. When I visit an historical house, I usually spend most … Continue reading Got Family Stories? Someone Wants to Know

Family Connections and a Slice of Grapefruit

It's amazing how the simplest things can stir warmhearted memories that connect us to our families. Memories from deep in our hearts suddenly rise above the surface clutter. My childhood relationship with my mom was never easy. It's harder to remember the good than the bad. Despite all the healing and forgiveness, and the fact … Continue reading Family Connections and a Slice of Grapefruit

New Hearts, New Deaths, New Life

I had no idea I would get so caught up in ancestry research. It’s captivating. With the Internet, it’s an emotional roller coaster too. One minute I’m tracking the sister of a grandfather who died before I was born. The next minute, I’m looking at a photo of her, taken 7 years before I was … Continue reading New Hearts, New Deaths, New Life

The Generational Experiment

I grew up trying to escape my family. Anything to be someone else, somewhere else. Fast forward almost 48 years ... My greatest passion is generational healing through Christ. And that starts with my own family. I've just embarked on a "generational experiment," praying through my family's history. I have no idea what I will … Continue reading The Generational Experiment