Biblical Hebrew Words for Absolute Beginners

Ever since I took my first class in beginning biblical Hebrew, I have loved recognizing and looking up basic Hebrew words in the Bible. If you’ve never learned the Hebrew alphabet or learned to recognize basic Bible words in Hebrew, it’s not as hard as you may think. It may take a little time at first, but you can absolutely do it.

Biblical Hebrew adds a whole new aspect to your Bible study time, and I know you will enjoy spending that time with God in a whole new way.

I have put together some free intro lessons for you here on this website. These lessons will help you get started, and will be here as a resource, so you can check back as often as you need to.

Why Learn the Bible in Hebrew?

Basics of Biblical Hebrew

Learn Biblical Hebrew

Biblical Hebrew Alphabet, Words, Names

Biblical Hebrew Lessons

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Biblical Hebrew Resources

If you really want to dive in, I’ve also got a self-paced online video course that introduces you to the Hebrew alphabet and 40 Bible words in Hebrew. Shalom.