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Here are some free PDF resources you are welcome to download for your personal reading, along with some links to articles:


Create the Perfect Prayer Space at Home – A step-by-step checklist to help you create an amazing prayer space in your home.

156 Prayer Writing Prompts – Suggestions for prayers you can write, share, and pray.

A Life of Prayer in Charles Wesley’s Intercession Hymns – As a prayer leader and teacher, I was delighted to discover this collection of Intercession Hymns written by Charles Wesley in 1758. Connecting poetry and music is a great way to learn and grow in the daily practice of prayer.

Leading by Being – I had the privilege to serve as an intercessor on a mission trip to Guatemala during a summer semester and to create this photo essay for my required class on Christian leadership.

Annotation of the Apostle’s Creed – This paper looks at what we believe when we speak the words of our profession of faith. For a prayer application of the Apostle’s Creed, you may be interested in my article, Praying the Apostle’s Creed.

Reflections on Christian Leadership and Community Prayer – In a required class on Christian leadership, I was asked to write a reflection paper outlining my perspectives on leadership and applying those to my area of ministry: community prayer. Written in non-scholarly language, this paper follows my journey of reflecting on prayer leadership in the church, community, and a small group coffee house setting.

The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer in Church Catechesis – This paper explores the significant promise of setting the training and practices of church intercessors into a larger framework of teaching the foundations of the Gospel in the congregational setting.


Transformation and Inner Healing – Articles and testimonies on Jesus’ amazing healing work in our hearts and lives.

For more testimonies of inner healing, written by my friends and me, please visit Kerri Johnson Ministries. (This link will open a new window at Kerri Johnson Ministries website.)

Desert Fathers and Mothers – Through a Christian history class, this was my first introduction to the spiritual practices of the 4th-century Desert Fathers. Little did I know that centering prayer would soon become a core practice in our ministry of inner healing.

Spiritually Minded, Earthly Good – In this paper, I applied my reading of the Desert Fathers and centering prayer to a practical life of spiritual holiness and heart transformation.

Reflections on Healing – This reflection paper considers five different aspects of healing prayer. This paper is offered as a starting point for individuals who are interested in exploring healing prayer. While this paper considers biblical and theological perspectives, it is written in non-scholarly language.

Does God Heal In Utero Wounding – Theological Application – I know from experience that God heals in utero wounding (areas of emotional and spiritual wounding we experienced in the womb that still affect us today). I took the opportunity in this class paper to explore the theological understandings behind this experience.


Inductive Bible Study Lessons – Lessons that zero in on a particular aspect of inductive Bible study, as I add them on my blog.

Biblical Hebrew Words for Absolute Beginners – Learn the Hebrew alphabet and basic words from the Bible through a series of lessons and reference pages.

Inductive Bible Study of Psalm 22 – Full Inductive Bible Study process for Psalm 22. Survey, Interpretation, Evaluation, Application.

Inductive Bible Study of Matthew 27-28 – Partial Inductive Bible Study process for Matthew 27:55-28:20. Survey and Interpretation.

Inductive Bible Study of Deuteronomy 29-34 – Full Inductive Bible Study process for Deuteronomy 29-34. Survey, Interpretation, Evaluation, Application. Includes study of how this passage is situated in the larger context of Deuteronomy and the Pentateuch as a whole.

Exegesis of Luke 11:14-26 – I chose to study this particular passage in Luke because of its frequent use and implications in the ministries of deliverance and inner healing: binding the strongman and loosing the Holy Spirit.

Exegesis of Acts 12:1-16 – I have always loved this passage in Acts. As someone who loves to pray, and as someone who gives in too easily to fear, I can relate to the surprise of those who were fervently praying for Peter’s release from prison, when suddenly he shows up at the door. On one hand, I want to ask them, “Why are you so astonished? What did you think you were praying for!” On the other hand, I nod and say, “Yep. That’s me.” When I signed up for a much-anticipated class on Acts (I had wanted to study Acts since the 8th grade when my youth choir sang a musical about the life of the Apostle Paul), it was a given I would choose this passage for my exegesis paper. I was even more delighted to dig deeper into this passage and discover so many wonderful aspects of God’s heart revealed in these words of scripture.

Exegesis of Galatians 6:1-10 – When it came time to write this paper, I was glad our professor had pushed us so hard on translating entire passages from the Greek. It made my study of this passage much more meaningful. I chose to focus on Galatians 6 because this passage is so relevant for the ministry of inner healing in which I participate. The Apostle Paul’s discussion of burden bearing is also referred to often in the ministries of inner healing and intercessory prayer. Through studying this passage, I came to appreciate even more the ways that Paul calls the body of Christ to live a life (individually and corporately) characterized by ongoing sanctification (inner healing) and accountability. Paul’s work in Galatians 6 (and throughout his letter to the Galatians) is truly a blueprint for the community of Christ.

Exegesis of Isaiah 5:1-7 – I was assigned this passage from Isaiah, but I am glad because I love the vivid imagery of the vineyard and its symbolism. This passage sits at a great cross-section of biblical history with a powerful message to God’s people. This paper begins with my attempt at translating the passage from the biblical Hebrew, followed by my study of the passage in English. I had always wanted to take a class on Isaiah and feel blessed that this class intersected so beautifully with my school schedule. What a blessing from God.


156 Ways to Reach out with Writing – So many simple ways to get started as a Christian writer.

Moments with Jesus – A 6-day devotional study centered on Jesus in the Bible and in your heart.

Kingdom Home – A 6-day devotional study about discovering and growing in God’s kingdom here on earth.


Theology of Worship – Written as a starting point for reflection, this paper represents my theology of worship in progress. The paper explores several different aspects of the practice of worship in the body of Christ.

Reflections on Christian Social Entrepreneurship and Jail Transition – In this paper, I respond to a list of “economic insights” as a Christian social entrepreneur who ministers in the local jail. This paper is the starting point for a conversation on how the body of Christ in the local community can sow into the practical needs of jail transition.

Dance in the River – Testimony of the Brazil mission trip where I first understood that God’s plan for me was different from the world’s plan; this was before inner healing, when I first learned to embrace the reality that I am a daughter of the King.


The following mini Bible studies were created for the women at our local county jail. If you know someone in jail or prison who would be blessed by receiving one of these mini Bible studies, or if you have a jail or prison ministry and could benefit by making copies and sharing, you are welcome to download, print, and share these PDFs, provided the original copyright remains intact and nothing is altered in these documents. Because these mini Bible studies were created especially for individuals who are in jail or prison, I ask that you please limit the distribution of these documents only for individuals in jail or prison. Thank you. More Bible studies for jail and prison will be added here in future. God bless!

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