The Peace of Christ – My 9/11 Testimony

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I was asked to share my testimony in church. I had only recently received healing through an inner healing ministry session, and so I felt able to share. Following is the draft from which I gave my presentation. ***** For 10 years, I worked across the street from the … Continue reading The Peace of Christ – My 9/11 Testimony


For a couple months, I've been facing something that is so hard. I feel paralyzed every time I think about it. I've crawled through years of trauma, one thing after another. Not only did Jesus bring me through it all; he began to turn things around and restore me. I finally reached a place of … Continue reading Beautiful

For the New Year

Someone asked me yesterday if I made a New Year's Resolution. I'm not into "resolutions" but I do have one burning desire for 2010: for God to help me turn my focus completely to Him. The past decade I've had major losses. Seems I barely find my footing and there's another huge loss. Don't get … Continue reading For the New Year

His Strength in Me

I think one reason it's so easy for me to write novels is that my life reads like one. When I think of all the different kinds of trauma and crisis I've been through; my life reads like a work of fiction. How could any one person deal with so much! All the "big things" that psychologists … Continue reading His Strength in Me

Why I Wear a Cross

A few days ago, someone asked me why I wear a gold cross around my neck. Well, I'll tell you why. Have you ever been madly in love with someone, and they give you something - a ring, a bracelet - that will always remind you of them? That's why I wear this cross around my neck. … Continue reading Why I Wear a Cross