Where Has God Placed You as an Intercessor?

When you are called to serve God as an intercessor, and you say “Yes” to Him, don’t be surprised where He will place you for the purposes of intercession. Intercessors are called to affect the atmosphere around them, wherever that may be. God will allow them to see and hear circumstances and strategies for the … Continue reading Where Has God Placed You as an Intercessor?

The Writer’s Prayer Life

Prayer is a key part of the writing process. We should seek God regularly for what He would have us write. We need to begin and end our writing time and writing projects with prayer. We should remain prayerful as we write. Ideally every word we write should be bathed in prayer. But that’s just … Continue reading The Writer’s Prayer Life

Your Writing Journey Begins with God

When you begin the journey of Christian writing, or even if you've been writing for a while, it's easy to become overwhelmed. It seems like there are mountains of things to learn: writing voice, structure, editing techniques, how to get published, blogs, which conferences to attend, pitching an agent, devotional writing, freelance writing ... or … Continue reading Your Writing Journey Begins with God