Depending on God for Every Word

I gave a talk yesterday. I’ve always enjoyed giving talks and the idea doesn’t make me nervous. Many other things make me nervous, but not giving talks. However, in the past I’ve always written at least an outline of what I’m going to say. I’m not very good at reading a paper, so I don’t … Continue reading Depending on God for Every Word

God Restores Communication

Like everyone, I am frustrated by misunderstandings and miscommunications. But God gave me a different perspective while I was reading about the Tower of Babel from a children's version. The story talked about how perfect communication was used by the enemy to turn the people against God. As a result, now we have imperfect communication … Continue reading God Restores Communication

For the Love of God

I’ve been reading the book For the Love of God by Justo L. and Catherine Gunsalus Gonzalez. This book is about the Epistles of John. It is dense reading (at least to me) and takes time to wind through it. However, the authors have offered some interesting insights, particularly the contemplation of the absolute perfection in unity … Continue reading For the Love of God

The Chill of Autumn and the Warmth of God

It’s starting to get chilly in north Georgia. I’m glad. This was a long, hot summer and I am looking forward to some cooler weather. I love the fall season. It’s my favorite time of year. It was my favorite when I was young, although the intervening years brought some hardships with the fall season. … Continue reading The Chill of Autumn and the Warmth of God

Keep the Reservoir Pure

Ever since I took a class on Christian History in seminary two summers ago, I have been fascinated with the Desert Fathers and Mothers. These were the Christians who, after Rome made Christianity a “state religion,” went into the desert to seek spiritual purity directly from God. They felt that “official Christianity” was becoming diluted … Continue reading Keep the Reservoir Pure