Goodbye, Mr. Fear (I Will Not Miss You)

For my writing class, I was asked to write a raw, uncensored, unedited rant of the thing that broils my insides the most. That would be the critter who tried to get at me last night. The "divorce papers" have been filed with Jesus. Enjoy reading! Attention Fear: I’ve got some things to say to you. I’m sick … Continue reading Goodbye, Mr. Fear (I Will Not Miss You)

Jesus on a Soccer Field

Don’t think God won’t use you to help others. He will use you in ways you’d never expect. A few years ago I chaperoned a youth mission trip. One night we had a big picnic on the river for a community we had been serving. A group of students decided to play soccer. I so badly wanted to … Continue reading Jesus on a Soccer Field

A Pigeon of Peace

I was about to receive prayer ministry. God was stirring up "something." The past few months have been rough. I've barely held it together. I had to take time off to avert a crisis. Then I got sick. During this time, I felt my workload increasing while I barely had enough energy to breathe. I had to … Continue reading A Pigeon of Peace

I Belong

It didn’t go the way I thought. I never got to have kids. I’m divorced. My career that I once aspired to is over, having never quite begun. I’m getting older … enough to notice. But that’s okay! I’m still alive and I’m still me. I’m still full of all the hope and dreams I … Continue reading I Belong

Really Looking at Me

You really are looking at me. I “know” You are – it’s obvious. You always respond to my needs, even the ones I don’t know I have. I couldn’t see so You gave me new glasses. You knew I couldn’t pay for them, so You did. I didn’t have anything to eat and You gave me … Continue reading Really Looking at Me

It’s So Much Easier to Trust Him

One more thought regarding what I shared the past two days, about trusting God for the words of a talk I was asked to give. After the talk was over, I was hit with a wave of exhaustion. I had wasted so much energy being nervous and wondering if God would be there for me. … Continue reading It’s So Much Easier to Trust Him