Adjust the Picture

I have many reasons to be discouraged. I have just come through a long and difficult season, and I'm still going through it. You may be able to relate to this as well. God certainly understands and His heart hurts for the discouraging times we go through. But I can't find anywhere in the Bible … Continue reading Adjust the Picture

Would You Like God’s Undivided Attention?

The reality is - we've got it. God's undivided attention. Every minute of every day. Amazing, isn't it? The creator of the universe is focused totally on you, right this minute. And every minute. He is always here, and you have His undivided attention at all times. The problem comes because we are not always … Continue reading Would You Like God’s Undivided Attention?

Why It Is Vital to Hold Still

Have you ever tried to keep a puppy quiet when he was awake and ready for action? Impossible, isn't it? Sometimes I think that's how we must appear to God. When we set out to live a life of prayer, walking and talking with God, there are times we absolutely must hold still. In Psalm … Continue reading Why It Is Vital to Hold Still