Simple but Powerful Prayer for Children in Extreme Poverty

For many years, I've been involved with various missions helping children in extreme poverty. I've come to appreciate that one of the most powerful ways to help these children, their families, and their communities is through prayer. God is working in their midst, and He already has an amazing plan to bring individual children, families, … Continue reading Simple but Powerful Prayer for Children in Extreme Poverty

Praying around the World

As a missionary of prayer, I believe it's important to pray locally, for my nation, and also for the world. There are many ways to pray for the world and the Holy Spirit should lead our prayers. Praying for the world can also open up many educational family prayer opportunities - learning together about different … Continue reading Praying around the World

A Shoebox of Hope

I remember one Christmas when I was a teenager, I opened a box from my cousin who lived on the other side of the country. She had stuffed it full of goodies - "little things," she called them, but they meant so much to me. She had listened closely, through letters and visits, and knew … Continue reading A Shoebox of Hope