Re-Dedicate Your Writing Life to God

It's that time of year when people make New Year's resolutions. Some folks mark this transition by taking quiet time to reflect and listen for God's direction for the new year. Whatever way you choose to acknowledge this seasonal change, this is a great opportunity to re-dedicate your writing life and gifts to God. When … Continue reading Re-Dedicate Your Writing Life to God

Children’s Prayer

Welcome to Children's Prayer and the Home of Prayer Pets! I am so glad you're here! Prayer Pets are here to help your children learn how to pray through coloring pages. On this page, you will also find ... a printable prayer word search puzzle ... prayers to pray for your children ... daily prayers you … Continue reading Children’s Prayer

I Vow to Be Afraid

There is a story that comes with this picture. I love the water and I love boats. Always have. But I've always felt fear in a kayak. If you look closely at this photo, you will see the fear in my face. But guess what? God used this event to bring healing to my fear. … Continue reading I Vow to Be Afraid

Don’t Avoid the Pain

I used to try almost anything to avoid pain (food addiction, denial, avoiding people, deciding not to care, etc.). I even caused my own pain to avoid the pain of being hurt by someone else. That may sound crazy, but if you have been in an abusive relationship, you might understand that. Little did I … Continue reading Don’t Avoid the Pain

A Prayer in Times of Pain and Sorrow – Psalm 22 (Jesus Prayed It Too)

I love Psalm 22. In this psalm, God provides us with an awesome way to connect with Him in our sorrows, and to find His strength and peace in that place. In this psalm, God doesn't tell us our sorrows will completely disappear. But He shows us that He will be present with us in … Continue reading A Prayer in Times of Pain and Sorrow – Psalm 22 (Jesus Prayed It Too)

Thank God for Everyday Miracle Healings

Bible Verse “For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well.” – Psalm 139:13-14 (NRSV) Reflection Recently in a class on healing prayer, I was introduced to a … Continue reading Thank God for Everyday Miracle Healings

How Do I Pray for a Performance-Driven Child?

I was asked a question about prayer from a mom who also works with children. Her concern was about how to pray for/with children who are performance-driven. We see a lot of that, especially in American society. I’m not sure about other places in the world, but in the United States, we have a way … Continue reading How Do I Pray for a Performance-Driven Child?