Did You Know Charles Wesley Wrote Prayers to Sing? A Prayerful Look at Intercession Hymn #1 “For All Mankind”

In 1758, Charles Wesley published his collection of 40 Intercession Hymns. These hymns are examples of intercessory prayers set to music. Music is a good way to remember words, and singing helps people have words of prayer and scripture on their hearts and tongues throughout the day. Although Wesley’s collection of Intercession Hymns represents an … Continue reading Did You Know Charles Wesley Wrote Prayers to Sing? A Prayerful Look at Intercession Hymn #1 “For All Mankind”

When God Prompts You to Write – Write

I can’t tell you how many times the enemy has planted seeds of doubt regarding my calling as a writer. I’ve also talked with so many writers who feel the same way. I’m writing this first of all to tell you - do not listen to the enemy. He lies! Secondly, if God has called … Continue reading When God Prompts You to Write – Write

Write a Prayer

Today's post is a lesson from my free online intro course for Christian writers: Begin Your Christian Writing Adventure! Dear Lord, thank You for helping us to grow as writers. We ask that You will guide us, so that Your heart will shine through each word we write. In Jesus' name. Amen In the last … Continue reading Write a Prayer

Prayer Prompts for Christian Writers

As a Christian writer, I feel it's important to publish prayers on the internet. The web is filled with so many discouraging and distressing words. Prayer is one way for writers to prompt folks searching online to look to God for what they need most. When words of prayer fill the internet, not only do … Continue reading Prayer Prompts for Christian Writers

Writing for Christmas Eve

Does your church have more than one service on Christmas Eve? Or special services leading up to Christmas? Did you know sometimes it is a challenge for the pastor and church staff to come up with fresh ideas for the service, and especially for the bulletin? Let alone, the materials to advertise the service. I … Continue reading Writing for Christmas Eve

Use Your Writing Gift for Prayer Cards

Prayer cards are a wonderful way to use your writing gift. While prayer doesn't always require words - some of the most powerful times of prayer are done in silence - we use words in prayer for several reasons. One is to express what's in our hearts for confession, repentance, forgiveness. Another is to get … Continue reading Use Your Writing Gift for Prayer Cards

The Blessing of Prayer Writing

One of the most powerful ways to grow as a Christian writer is to write prayers. How amazing it would be to see the internet covered with prayers. How powerful too - prayers written on the internet literally speak out over the airwaves, affecting the atmosphere all around us. Prayers are helpful to people who … Continue reading The Blessing of Prayer Writing