Conversation Starters with God

These conversation starters are offered to help you begin talking with God. Set aside 15 minutes of your morning or evening. Choose one of these each day that speaks to your heart … or try some ideas of your own! Enjoy your time with God. 1. Make a list of 3 things that happened today … Continue reading Conversation Starters with God

God Is Always with You

God is with you all the time. He loves to sit with you, walk with you, play and laugh with you. He shares your joys, and weeps with you when you're sad. He talks to you, He even sings to you. He is always willing to guide you, to answer your questions, to listen to … Continue reading God Is Always with You

Praying God’s Best for Your Loved Ones

It breaks your heart when someone you love believes lies - about themselves, about others, about God. How do you pray for them? Always remember when praying for others that you want to pray God's best for them ... His will (not yours) ... by His power and Spirit (not yours) ... and that God … Continue reading Praying God’s Best for Your Loved Ones

Learning to Pray: Second Step

How was your first week of talking with God? Let's take another step and deepen the conversation just a bit. Today, set aside five minutes to talk with God. If it's early morning, tell Him what you're looking forward to today. If it's afternoon, tell Him what's been good about your day so far. If … Continue reading Learning to Pray: Second Step

When God Shows Up

I was with a group of high school students on a mission trip. We had a rough few days with a group of children at a recreation center in an impoverished neighborhood. The enemy kept messing things up and the students were frustrated. That day, I felt like God wanted to change things. I told … Continue reading When God Shows Up

Jail Prayer Vigil

Here is a 24/7 prayer vigil calendar, created prayerfully with the help of two friends of mine who were incarcerated. They know what the prayer needs are at every hour of the day and night. They have personalized this prayer vigil to those specific needs. When you click on the prayer vigil link below, you will … Continue reading Jail Prayer Vigil

Enough for Today

God gives you what you need for this day, including wisdom, understanding, growth, knowledge, healing, preparation, rest ... and the daily step in His plan for your future. Where do you need God's wisdom, light, provision, guidance today? What do you most want to ask Him today? Listen for His answer and write down what … Continue reading Enough for Today

God’s “To Do” List

How many times do we try to take on God's work for Him? There are all these "impossible" things that need doing, and we know only God can do them. He doesn't need our help. He just wants our faithfulness and obedience in what He asks of us each day. Yet how many times do … Continue reading God’s “To Do” List