The 3 Most Effective Prayers

The most effective prayers are often the simplest. Here are three of the shortest and simplest prayers you can pray. They are also among the most powerful prayers you can pray. Yet they are often the hardest and the most neglected. 1. I confess Confession is a way to acknowledge sins that are hidden and … Continue reading The 3 Most Effective Prayers

Praying through Scary Moments

I was house sitting in the countryside. It was a big house on a hill in an isolated area of a mostly rural county. Except for the dog and the cat, I was alone. I was relaxing on my day off when I looked out the window and saw a man walking around the property. … Continue reading Praying through Scary Moments

What Does Prayer Mean to You?

As a prayer missionary, I'm interested to learn what prayer means to people. I often ask people: What does a prayer life look like to you? What does prayer mean to you? How has your life changed because of your prayer time with God? Meanwhile, I came across this delightful article about prayer. It is from … Continue reading What Does Prayer Mean to You?

Really Present, Really Listening

A classmate shared today about an interview with Mother Theresa, in which she was asked about her prayer life with God. When asked what she said in prayer, she answered, "Nothing. I listen." When asked what God said, she answered, "Nothing. He listens." How powerful and true. Often we are taught (though don't necessarily "do") to … Continue reading Really Present, Really Listening

Praying as God’s Child

I was reminded this week of the importance of "just" spending time in prayer with God. Often, we get caught up in the prayer needs that surround us, including our own. We focus our prayers on the needs of others, or on the obstacles that lie in our path. The Bible tells us, in 2 … Continue reading Praying as God’s Child

31 Days of Prayer Starters

If you would like to grow daily in your prayer life, here are some ways to get started. These are simple but powerful prayers, and you can choose one each day for a month. You can even choose just one that is meaningful to you, and repeat it each day. You can add more, from … Continue reading 31 Days of Prayer Starters