A Gift of Authority

I serve on a jail ministry team. Each week, we lead church at the jail. When I started with that team eight years ago, I was just beginning to heal from a lifetime of “fear of authority.” So of course, God sent me to serve at the jail, under the authority of the sheriff’s office … Continue reading A Gift of Authority

Community Prayer Starts with You

Prayers for a community are powerful. Ideally, you want your whole community covered in prayer. Even better, you want your whole community praying. It takes time. And lots of prayer. If community prayer is your heart, then it starts with you. Our community is blessed to have many prayer groups, some who have been active … Continue reading Community Prayer Starts with You

Jail Prayer Vigil

Here is a 24/7 prayer vigil calendar, created prayerfully with the help of two friends of mine who were incarcerated. They know what the prayer needs are at every hour of the day and night. They have personalized this prayer vigil to those specific needs. When you click on the prayer vigil link below, you will … Continue reading Jail Prayer Vigil