What Does It Mean to Be an Intercessor for Someone?

Has anyone asked you, "Will you be an intercessor for me?" We all need intercessors praying for us. Daily. Weekly. (Sometimes hourly!) And whenever led by God. If you don't have intercessors praying for you, ask God to give you the names of people you can ask to pray. My article, "Why Every Intercessor Needs … Continue reading What Does It Mean to Be an Intercessor for Someone?

Season Your Church Ministries with Intercessory Prayer

When intercessory prayer is woven into the fabric of your church, your ministries can stand strong and do exactly what God calls them to do. Every ministry of your church, from worship to hospitality, from nursery to seniors, from Bible study to softball, has the opportunity to incorporate intercessory prayer. Not only does this help … Continue reading Season Your Church Ministries with Intercessory Prayer

Group Prayer – Feel the Difference

When I arrived home tonight, I felt amazing. For me, lately, that's unusual. It's been a rough stretch. But I felt well and truly amazing. That's when I realized I had been praying, together with other people, all day. I got together with a group of folks in the morning and we prayed. What an awesome time … Continue reading Group Prayer – Feel the Difference

Prayers for Sweet Sleep

Several of my friends and I are struggling with sleep. Sleep deprivation is not only exhausting but also unhealthy. We have each tried different remedies - even prayer! - and nothing seems to help. One of my friends reminded me that God put us in relationships, and we need to pray for each other. When … Continue reading Prayers for Sweet Sleep

Community Prayer Starts with You

Prayers for a community are powerful. Ideally, you want your whole community covered in prayer. Even better, you want your whole community praying. It takes time. And lots of prayer. If community prayer is your heart, then it starts with you. Our community is blessed to have many prayer groups, some who have been active … Continue reading Community Prayer Starts with You

The Praying Family

“Mommy, I want to pray.” Katie’s mom turned to look at her for a long moment. The rice on the stove boiled over. “Okay,” her mom said slowly. She set down the spoon and lowered the flame. “Where did this come from?” “From VBS! We learned that God likes us to pray, because it means … Continue reading The Praying Family

Why I Felt Compelled to Steal a Car

I’ve never stolen in my life. Imagine my surprise when the urge overcame me to steal a car. My ministry friends and I were staying at a bed and breakfast while attending a conference out of state. I took a walk after breakfast, enjoying the peaceful morning and small town atmosphere. On one street, I … Continue reading Why I Felt Compelled to Steal a Car

Why Every Intercessor Needs a Cover

Meet my friend Sally. She’s an intercessor. Every time she prays through a battle zone, she emerges feeling as if she is covered with black and blue marks. “That’s just part of being an intercessor,” she says. Wrong. Intercessors should not walk around with targets on their backs. It isn’t necessary for intercessors to wear … Continue reading Why Every Intercessor Needs a Cover