A Child Is Born

I was delighted to run across a meditation I wrote five years ago. I wanted to create a collection of seasonal meditations and managed to write a few before life took me on another writing path. The writer's life can be that way, and that's okay. As long as we are following God, we are … Continue reading A Child Is Born

Your Words Mean the World to a Child

Have you considered how you can use your writing gift to speak encouraging words to a child? Every month I have the privilege of sending a letter to a young girl in the Caribbean. I am her "correspondence sponsor" through an international program. As a missionary, I don't earn enough to financially sponsor a child. … Continue reading Your Words Mean the World to a Child

Good Writing Means Good Reading

If you are a writer, there's a pretty good chance that you love to read. When you start writing, you may be tempted to put your reading on hold. But reading time is not something you should sacrifice. The most effective writers are avid readers. Reading is one of the best ways to inspire your … Continue reading Good Writing Means Good Reading

Bible Time for Them, Bible Time for You

As a Christian writer, you probably love spending time reading your Bible. Writers are attracted to words and books. The Bible is the ultimate book and the biblical words are filled with the life of the Holy Spirit. There is no other book like it. There are no other literal words of life. The problem … Continue reading Bible Time for Them, Bible Time for You

Use Your Writing Gift for Prayer Cards

Prayer cards are a wonderful way to use your writing gift. While prayer doesn't always require words - some of the most powerful times of prayer are done in silence - we use words in prayer for several reasons. One is to express what's in our hearts for confession, repentance, forgiveness. Another is to get … Continue reading Use Your Writing Gift for Prayer Cards

The Blessing of Prayer Writing

One of the most powerful ways to grow as a Christian writer is to write prayers. How amazing it would be to see the internet covered with prayers. How powerful too - prayers written on the internet literally speak out over the airwaves, affecting the atmosphere all around us. Prayers are helpful to people who … Continue reading The Blessing of Prayer Writing

Writing Spiritual Legacies

As a writer, I have enjoyed helping people share their life stories. Often, these have taken the form of books that bring to life the testimonies of how God has worked in their lives during difficult times. My job has been to listen, ask questions, help the author shape his or her story, and then … Continue reading Writing Spiritual Legacies

Devotional Writing Basics

I love writing devotionals. They are a wonderful way to stay focused on scripture in your writing. Devotionals are a powerful way to reflect on what God is doing in your life. They offer a testimony to your daily encounters with God. Devotionals also make it easy to share those experiences with others. Sometimes when … Continue reading Devotional Writing Basics

First Steps on Your Christian Writing Path

So you're just starting out as a Christian writer? Or wanting to hear God more deeply in your writing? Maybe you already have a sense of what you want to write. In a writing workshop I taught years ago, a new student said he knew he wanted to write novels like Ted Dekker's. Another student … Continue reading First Steps on Your Christian Writing Path