Volunteer Christian Writers Are Valuable to Small Ministries

Are you a new or aspiring Christian writer looking for writing experience? Search your community or region and see if there is a small ministry where you can volunteer to help with their website or blog. Even today, many small ministries don't have a website. For those who do, often the website does not have … Continue reading Volunteer Christian Writers Are Valuable to Small Ministries

Writing a Spiritual Legacy

Have you ever thought about writing a spiritual legacy? A special kind of journal, your spiritual legacy is a gift you can give to your children, grandchildren, other family members, young people you mentor, and friends. Your spiritual legacy shares your spiritual journey in a very short, simple format: things God has done in your … Continue reading Writing a Spiritual Legacy

Write a Prayer

Today's post is a lesson from my free online intro course for Christian writers: Begin Your Christian Writing Adventure! Dear Lord, thank You for helping us to grow as writers. We ask that You will guide us, so that Your heart will shine through each word we write. In Jesus' name. Amen In the last … Continue reading Write a Prayer

On Writing Testimonies that Mention Others

Lately I’ve been helping some of my ministry colleagues edit their testimonies, especially of inner healing and forgiveness. One question I’ve been asked often is, “How do you tell your story of healing in a way that honors the people you have had to forgive?” That’s one of the biggest challenges in sharing a testimony. … Continue reading On Writing Testimonies that Mention Others

Writing a Multi-Topic Blog

A fellow Christian author asked me how she could help her website visitors navigate the different topics on her blog. That’s a great question, and it’s one I have grappled with for years. I too have a multi-topic blog. What Is a Multi-Topic Blog? What I’m referring to here is a blog that has one overarching … Continue reading Writing a Multi-Topic Blog

The Writer’s Prayer Life

Prayer is a key part of the writing process. We should seek God regularly for what He would have us write. We need to begin and end our writing time and writing projects with prayer. We should remain prayerful as we write. Ideally every word we write should be bathed in prayer. But that’s just … Continue reading The Writer’s Prayer Life

Re-Dedicate Your Writing Life to God

It's that time of year when people make New Year's resolutions. Some folks mark this transition by taking quiet time to reflect and listen for God's direction for the new year. Whatever way you choose to acknowledge this seasonal change, this is a great opportunity to re-dedicate your writing life and gifts to God. When … Continue reading Re-Dedicate Your Writing Life to God

Have You Thought about Writing Responsive Readings?

Does your church ever use "responsive readings" in your worship services? If you've grown up in a liturgical tradition, you know immediately what responsive readings are. If you are from a church tradition that doesn't use much liturgy, you might not be familiar with this. As a writer, creating responsive readings is one way you … Continue reading Have You Thought about Writing Responsive Readings?

The Best Way to Write Your Book Is Your Way

Many people have asked me the best way to put together a book. I'm talking here about non-fiction books. (Fictional novels are different. Story structure is a whole different art.) The beauty of book writing is that your book will be as unique as you are. And wouldn't your readers be sad if it wasn't? … Continue reading The Best Way to Write Your Book Is Your Way

Prayer Prompts for Christian Writers

As a Christian writer, I feel it's important to publish prayers on the internet. The web is filled with so many discouraging and distressing words. Prayer is the antidote. When words of prayer fill the internet, not only do these words offer hope and encouragement. They also speak spiritual change over the online atmosphere. As … Continue reading Prayer Prompts for Christian Writers