Line Editing & Copyediting for Novels

While I work primarily with non-fiction books, I do offer line editing and copyediting for novel (fiction) manuscripts.

Before you receive line editing and copyediting, your novel needs to receive a developmental edit and manuscript evaluation from an editor who specializes in that process for novels. The manuscript I receive for line editing and copyediting should already include the changes you have made in response to the developmental editing stage.

My line editing and copyediting will include a light critique of any developmental issues that might remain, but those should be minor at this point. I will assume areas such as plot, sub-plots, characters, dialogue, setting, theme, story arc have been professionally evaluated, solidified, and are ready for publication before I receive the manuscript.

The purpose of line editing and copyediting is to focus on language, style, flow, consistency, glaring omissions, grammar, punctuation, and anything else that would trip up the reader. This level of editing does not focus on story arc or story elements. That comes at the earlier developmental stage.

For novel writers, I also highly recommend that you participate in at least three novel-writing workshops, attend at least two novel writers’ conferences, and hone your craft through classes and a critique group before you start along the editing process. Whether you are self-publishing or pursuing a traditional publishing path, it is vital to learn your craft. Your readers will be grateful. 

If you are ready to proceed with line editing and copyediting of your novel, please feel free to contact me.

Please note: I do not offer editing services for short story collections, novellas, graphic novels, children’s books, or poetry books. I encourage you to work with an editor who specializes in those types of books.