Biblical Languages Adventure

All my life, I have loved learning languages, and I have studied and tutored other students in many languages. But I never imagined how much I would fall in love with biblical Hebrew and Greek. Through my classes at seminary and many hours translating Bible passages, I began to appreciate the richness of meaning these words bring to a biblical text. Reading a text in the original language does not change the truth of the text. It simply invites us deeper into that encounter with God, where we experience His love in new ways.

I encourage everyone who is interested to at least learn the basics: the Hebrew or Greek alphabet, a few common vocabulary words from the Bible, and an understanding of how to look up the meanings of words in a lexicon. College classes in biblical languages can be challenging. But learning the very basics of biblical languages does not have to be overwhelming.

The students I teach are individuals who want to learn some basic words from the Hebrew Old Testament or Greek New Testament and gain a richer sense of meaning from these Bible verses. I try to keep it simple and encouraging. It does take time, effort, and practice. But with even a few basics, you can enjoy your Bible experience in an amazing way. You can also add Hebrew and Greek words to your prayers. There is something about praying in a different language that refocuses our attention on the One who loves us.

Biblical Hebrew Lessons

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