Teen Prayer

Welcome to the Teen Prayer Page! The prayer life of a teenager is powerful. Many of the intercessors who pray for me are teens. I can feel their prayers every day! I’ve been blessed to work with teens in helping them learn and grow in their prayer lives. I hope to share some of that encouragement here.


If you are a teenager, what are your questions about prayer? I would love to hear what’s on your heart about prayer. All the answers come from God, but I will do my best to point you in the right direction. And I would love to hear from you.


I was teaching a teenage Sunday school class in 2009 and the students were very curious what the Bible says about heaven. Getting excited about heaven helps us live in the excitement of what God is doing here and now.

I knew immediately the resource I wanted to share with them: Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven for Kids, which gives kid-friendly highlights from his book, Heaven. To help my students really dive in, I wrote a hands-on, interactive teen curriculum to correspond to the book. We had some great adventures! When I see those now grown-up teens today, we still remember together our biblical exploration of heaven and the New Earth (Revelation 21).

Randy Alcorn’s ministry, Eternal Perspective Ministries, has graciously allowed me to share that teen curriculum with you on their website: “6-Week Heaven Study for Teenagers.” Maybe you have some teens who would love to dive in and grow in their excitement of God’s amazing plan! I would love to hear of your experiences.


In 2007, I started through a process of inner healing. It was amazing. Isaiah 61 came alive in my heart and in my life. I realized, with my whole heart, there was nothing Jesus couldn’t or wouldn’t do to heal me, so I could live as He created me to live.

I began to wonder what my life might have been like, if I had experienced inner healing at a much younger age. I was working at that time with teens at my church and with teens at Eagle Ranch. I felt inspired by God to rewrite the adult inner healing curriculum I had experienced, and to create an inner healing encounter for teens. What emerged was called Revolution!

Revolution began as a 10-week Sunday afternoon class with small group ministry. Those first 27 students were amazing in their willingness to give four hours to God each Sunday for their transformation. (They were already almost living at the church on Sundays, with morning church service, Sunday school, youth praise band, and youth evening worship and activities.)

In recognizing what a sacrifice of time they made – and in realizing teens allow God to change their hearts with a lot less resistance than we show as adults! – I met with my team and we managed to squeeze the entire Revolution into a very interactive boot camp weekend!

Now, I offer this intensive youth inner healing/prayer activation weekend through Transformations.

Please contact me if you would like to stay informed of future Revolution teen weekends or if you would like to host this event in your community.