Prayer Leadership

Prayer leadership is a calling that grows from the desire God has put in your heart: The desire to surrender fully to God, let your heart beat as one with His, pray almost like breathing, live in genuine humility through Christ’s love, repent quickly, feel the Lord’s compassion for others, carry His vision of prayer in your heart, and encourage others in a life of prayer.

If you are called as a prayer leader – in your home, church, business, or community – I am here to help and encourage you. Feel free to send your questions and I will do my best to provide resources.


Here are some articles that might help as you navigate your call to prayer leadership.


Whether you are already serving as a prayer leader at your church, or whether you feel called to serve in prayer leadership, this guidebook will help you, step by step, from the moment of your calling through the steps of coordinating a church prayer ministry to the many ways of growing the life of prayer in your church. This book is based on my years of experience in church prayer leadership, and I wrote it to help you kindle the fire of intercessory prayer at your church.

It Takes a Spark: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Kindling the Fire of Intercessory Prayer in Your Church, Janet Lynn Eriksson (available on Amazon).


To help and encourage prayer leaders, I have created a page of Free Resources, where I will continue to create and offer free downloadable PDFs to help you, as you lead others in prayer. Thank you for your heart to encourage people in a life of prayer.