Global Prayer

Prayers should begin close to home: We start with our own lives, allowing God into the deepest parts of our hearts.

Family is next: Praying for family, and praying together as a family. This extends outwardly to our friends and church family.

Then, we pray for community and nation. After that, we have the privilege to pray for people around the world.

God may call on you to pray for someone halfway around the world, without you knowing the particulars. I have been in rough situations where I’ve asked God to call His people to pray. I know someone on the other side of the world is praying for me, without knowing anything but that feeling of God’s prompting. I am grateful.

If we make our hearts available, God can use our prayers in our own town and around the world.

Additionally, some people feel called specifically to pray for people in other countries. Maybe you’ve visited a place on a mission trip and you stay in touch through prayer. It might be that a certain country tugs at your heart, through the Holy Spirit. Or you might be looking for an opportunity to pray for people outside your own community and nation.

There are many ways to plug into prayer in other countries. I will share ideas and resources as I come across them.


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