In the early 2000s, I thought my life was over. From 9/11 trauma to cancer to divorce, was anything good left in store?

Little did I know, I was about to begin the greatest adventure of my life.

I thought I knew who Jesus was from Sunday school stories. But all I offered of myself was a barricaded, cardboard cutout of a heart, with a little girl trembling in fear deep inside.

Nothing like waking up in a midlife pit to realize I wanted Jesus to bring my heart back to life.

That Jesus I had read about as a kid was real. Having lost what I thought was “everything,” I was ready to knock down the barricades and let my heart be vulnerable to Him.

That’s when I first experienced Jesus in surround sound, reverberating to the deepest corners of my heart. The adventure of a lifetime had begun.

From that moment, I have experienced God’s heart for transformation daily in every part of life.

From my own heart encounters with God, to the way He works in the lives of folks I’m privileged to pray with, I’ve watched Him heal generations of families and bring seeds of hope and transformation to communities.

What a blessing to be on a journey with like-hearted folks who experience and share God’s transforming love and truth in every aspect of daily life, work, and family.

It’s been an amazing adventure with so much more to discover.

“Adventures with God” is a place where I love to explore and share about this journey of transformation, biblically, prayerfully, experientially, through books and a blog, to bring encouragement for those who desire to dive deeper with God.


Janet Eriksson

Christian Author