God’s Favorite Gift

I was just remembering a mission trip to Guatemala and one of the interactive lessons we did with the children. We wanted to help them understand they are God’s favorite gift.

We told them about how God created them out of His amazing love. That He loves them more than they can even imagine. That His heart is always focused on them, and they make Him smile. They are the favorite and best part of His day, every day. His heart overflows with love for them, just because of who they are.

Then we invited the children to give a gift to God, just to bless Him. Would they like to do that — give God a gift? They said yes, they would.

We told them we had a gift box for each of them to give to God. It already had the gift in it, and they could decorate the box for Him.

We handed out the gift boxes to each little circle of kids, and made sure they didn’t open them till we told them, all at once.

We said, “In this box is the very best gift God could ever get. It’s His favorite gift ever. Now, open the box and take a look at God’s favorite gift.”

As they each opened their little box, they looked inside and saw a mirror that reflected their face.

It was amazing to watch the awe and joy come over their faces, as they realized they are the greatest and favorite gift God could ever want. I will never forget how each face lit up and broke into a big smile, as they felt the truth in their hearts: “I am the very best present I could give to God. Just the way I am.”

Then they had fun decorating their box with stickers and crayons. I loved watching them carry the boxes home to show their families.

That was 12 years ago. Those little ones have grown up, some teens and others adults now. I pray even to this day, they still carry that discovery in their heart: “I am God’s favorite gift.”

Lord, thank You for those little ones, and for showing them how great Your love is for them. I pray You will show the same to everyone who reads this story. You are awesome, God. We love You.