Praying in Your Dreams

If you have made yourself available to God as an intercessor, don’t be surprised if He prompts you to pray in your dreams. I can remember several instances of prayer during sleep. When I awoke, I knew I had been praying for someone. I’ve heard similar situations from intercessor friends.

One situation I remember vividly. In a dream while sleeping, someone called to me and asked that I join others in prayer. In my dream, I followed this person to a place where a large group of people stood in a circle, praying. I joined the circle and began to pray.

I could see there had been an accident. Two people had been critically wounded. Paramedics attended to them.

Leaning over the paramedics stood two large angels. I had the immediate sense that the two wounded people would not survive. The angels were there to minister salvation. That’s why we were praying and interceding: that the two people would be saved before they died.

We stood there quite a while, praying. And then I awoke from my dream.

It was early morning, and I felt disoriented because the scene had been so vividly real.

I turned on my radio, and the newscaster was saying two people had just been killed in a bomb explosion in Baghdad. I knew immediately those were the two people we had been interceding for, and I had incredible peace that they were now with Jesus.

If you, as an intercessor, make yourself available to God for however He wants to direct your prayers, don’t be surprised by the ways He will use your intercession. God bless your intercessor’s heart.