Bible Meditation on Psalm 46: Preparing for Inductive Bible Study

In some of our future lessons posted here at Adventures with God, we are going to do some deep diving into Psalm 46 using tools of Inductive Bible Study.

A great way to start would be to spend a week reading and meditating on Psalm 46. If you are familiar with lectio divina, you can start with that kind of Bible meditation. (You might find my article, Lectio Divina for Christian Writers a helpful starting place.)

Or simply sit in the presence of the Holy Spirit and invite Him to lead you as you move through Psalm 46.

Keep re-reading the psalm. Allow the Holy Spirit to highlight different areas of the psalm.

You might want to keep a journal through this process, writing down things you notice about the psalm.

Allow God to draw you deeper into Psalm 46. Just immerse yourself prayerfully in this process. In future lessons, we will look at different areas of Inductive Bible Study through our study of this psalm. God bless!

When you are ready to dive into the next lesson on Psalm 46, it’s waiting for you here: God Is the Solution (“Problem-Solution” in Inductive Bible Study).


If you are new to the process of Inductive Bible Study, or if you want to review the process, here is a great starting place: Inductive Bible Study: An Overview.