Volunteer Christian Writers Are Valuable to Small Ministries

Are you a new or aspiring Christian writer looking for writing experience? Search your community or region and see if there is a small ministry where you can volunteer to help with their website or blog.

Even today, many small ministries don’t have a website. For those who do, often the website does not have a blog. There’s no time for it, and no money. What a great way for you, as a new writer, to volunteer.

Christian writing and blogging

Photo by Pixelcreatures at PixabayWebsites and blogs benefit small ministries. They help the right people find, learn about, and build trust with the ministry. The very people who would benefit the most from what that ministry offers don’t even know the ministry exists. When those people search online for answers to their problems, wouldn’t it be great if that ministry’s website and blog articles appeared in their search?

A website with an up-to-date blog also shows that the ministry is active and interacts with real people. That visible activity encourages individuals to reach out and contact the ministry. A great blog gives people a preview of what it’s like to interact with that ministry.

Despite all the benefits of a website and active blog, most small ministries don’t have the time or staff to write online. For a small ministry that doesn’t have a website, creating one seems like a big hurdle, something to put on next year’s “to research” list. Blogging feels like a luxury. What if you could help?

All the work doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders, either. (Actually, the Lord shoulders all of this. He invites you to come alongside. Matthew 11:28-30.) You can find supporters for that ministry and engage them in writing for the blog. You will find even more benefits to that process, as those same supporters will become more active in helping the ministry and spreading the word.

At that point, not only will you have an opportunity to grow as a writer. You will also gain experience as an editor and blog manager. Blogs are a great way to learn writing, editing, using images, and interacting with the dashboard of a website. Blog posts are easy to link to social media, so there is another opportunity for you to grow as a social media writer and manager.

All while helping a ministry get the word out about what it offers.

The best benefit of all is getting the word out on the internet about the good news of Christ.

If volunteering for a ministry sounds like a good way for you to grow as a writer, here are some tips for getting started:

1. Pray. Ask God to lead you to the right ministry.

2. Talk with your pastor about local ministries that need volunteer help.

3. Learn about ministries that are active in your local community.

4. Do a google search for small ministries in your region. Check to see if they have a website and/or a blog. If not, pray about reaching out to them. Do some research first to learn more about who they are and what they do. (Sadly, there are still some scams out there that use the covering of a “ministry.”)

5. Pray again!

Then reach out. Tell them you are a new writer and willing to volunteer in exchange for the experience. It will help if you have your own blog (no matter how simple) to point them to. Maybe have a few sample blog articles to show them. If you don’t have any of this yet, don’t let that stop you from reaching out. Just be honest with them about where you are as a new writer.

As you prepare to start helping that ministry, learn all you can about what makes for a good blog post. There are many good, free resources online, which you will find if you do a google search. Also start learning some basics about the best content for a simple website. And continue to hone your skills as a writer. Become involved with a Christian writing or other writing organization. Join a critique group. Keep learning, writing, and growing.

On behalf of every small ministry that needs help, thank you for reading this article and reaching out with your writer’s heart, wherever God sends you. God bless you!