Praying the Bible with Gratitude

Life is hard. Sometimes we go through seasons where everything feels so discouraging and futile. During those times (and at all times) it is important to have the support of a community who can remind you who you are and whose you are. I don’t recommend that anyone try to go on this journey of following Christ without a tribe. (Meet my tribe here! I am grateful for them.) God created us for fellowship.

During difficult seasons (and again, at all times) it is also important and so helpful to focus on prayers of gratitude. When you speak to God with gratitude, it realigns your heart and mind with who He created you to be.

Gratitude also reminds you of who you truly are in Christ. And why you’re here – to bring glory to God. That’s right – you bring Him glory and you reflect His goodness simply by being you. He made you! Your existence means more to Him than anything you could possibly do. He loves you just for who you are.

Praying the Bible with Gratitude
Photo by John Hain at Pixabay

As we go through life’s struggles, it’s easy to forget that we are here to reflect God’s love and to bring Him glory through our mere existence. We get caught up in everything that’s going wrong, and we forget what’s going right: That we are God’s kids! So praying with gratitude helps us remember that.

Your prayers of gratitude can come straight from your heart – even if you don’t feel grateful, you can pray out of obedience. Your gratitude will bless God, and it will help you.

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can’t go wrong by praying the words of the Bible and letting God’s Word express your gratitude for Him.

Here are two examples (one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament) to help you get started in praying the Bible with gratitude:

Psalm 63:1-3

God, I am so grateful You are my God.

Thank You that I can seek You and find You.

Even though I feel like I am parched and dry, I know You are here, and You love me. You are my refreshment. I am so grateful that You revive me in ways I don’t even know about. You are always here for me. You are the river of life, and You give Your life-giving Spirit to me freely.

God, I am grateful that I can worship You. I am thankful for how powerful and majestic You are. Thank You, God, that You created me to bring You glory. And that I bring You glory by simply being Your child.

Thank You, God, that Your love is forever. Your love does not fail, ever, for any reason. Your love is steadfast, and You love me no matter what, forever.

God, in gratitude, I praise You because You are my amazing God. Thank You for giving me life. I love You.

Matthew 8:23-27

Lord Jesus, I am so grateful for You. You are everything to me, and I know I am everything to You. Thank You for dying for me, so I could live with You forever.

Lord, it feels like I’m in a boat and the waves are crashing in all around me. Thank You for showing me, in Your Word, that You are here with me. I am so thankful that You are here to help me, always, no matter what I am going through. You have never left me, and You never will.

Thank You, Jesus, that You have saved me. Because of Your love, I will not drown, no matter what I am struggling through right now. The waves will not overtake me because You are with me. I am grateful.

Lord Jesus, I am thankful that You teach me how to have faith. That You are growing my faith. Even though times are difficult, I am grateful that You are using this time to increase my faith in You. I want to draw closer to You. Thank You for teaching me that I don’t need to be afraid. That I can trust You..

Jesus, I am grateful that the wind and waves respond to You. I know You are in control. I know that in Your presence, I will find peace, no matter what is going on around me. You help me to be calm. I am grateful.

Lord Jesus, thank You for teaching me that Your first disciples in the boat on the stormy sea that day wondered in amazement at who You were. I am grateful that today I know who You are. I am grateful for all those who have taught me who You are, and grateful to You for revealing Your love to me. You are my God, and You are the One who loves me forever. All of creation is at Your feet, and You are in charge. I am so thankful, Jesus, that You are here and always will be.

Your Favorite Verses

What Bible verses are your favorites? Turn to one of them now, and pray that verse as a prayer of gratitude. See how God responds in your heart. Be blessed.