Writing a Spiritual Legacy

Have you ever thought about writing a spiritual legacy?

A special kind of journal, your spiritual legacy is a gift you can give to your children, grandchildren, other family members, young people you mentor, and friends.

Your spiritual legacy shares your spiritual journey in a very short, simple format: things God has done in your life, favorite Bible verses, spiritual wisdom and encouragement you would like to share.

It’s like a scrapbook with words – and pictures can be added as well. You can even incorporate the written pages of your spiritual legacy into a larger scrapbook about your journey with God.

You can write and share a spiritual legacy at any stage of life. Imagine your children growing up and having their own kids, and then reading the spiritual legacy you wrote when you were a young parent. Imagine your grandchildren and great grandchildren also reading your spiritual legacy when they become new parents. What a blessing!

Think about other milestones of life, like starting your first career, or turning 40, or entering retirement. You can create a spiritual legacy at any stage. As you get older, put your spiritual legacies all together and reflect on your ongoing journey with God through every stage of life.

A lot of people wait until later in life to write their memoirs. Hindsight can certainly be valuable for sharing wisdom through memories. But with a spiritual legacy, you will also bless your family by writing in the moment when things are happening. Then look back later and see how you have grown. Let your kids and their kids experience your journey written live, as it unfolds.

To help you get started with your spiritual legacy, I have created a spiritual legacy journal available on Amazon. This book gives you a different journal prompt and Bible verse on each page to help you write your spiritual legacy. The rest of the page is blank for you to fill in your thoughts, memories, wisdom, prayers, and blessings for those who will read it.

If you are a writer, you can help other people write their spiritual legacies as well.

If you would like a book that offers you a prompt on each page, to help you write your spiritual legacy, I’ve created such a book: My Christian Spiritual Legacy Journal. This journal contains 50 prompts to help you write your spiritual legacy in a book that you can share with your family. These prompts include “What you would never guess about me,” “What I’m most passionate about,” “The best ways to spend a quiet day,” “Ways I’d still like to grow,” “A tough time – and how God brought me through it,” “Moments of contentment,” “Bible verses for life’s moments,” “What you can learn from my mistakes,” “Ways God has set our family free,” and many more.

Whether you use a journal like this, or simply write out your spiritual legacy in a document, your family will be so excited and blessed to read and cherish your spiritual legacy.


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