Sun, Moon, and Stars in Biblical Hebrew

The Old Testament makes several references to the sun, moon, and stars. Let’s look at these words in biblical Hebrew:



That’s one of those “exception” words where the stress is on the first syllable.





Looking up the verses listed below in your Hebrew Bible, see if you can recognize those words. Some verses contain one or two of these words, and some contain all three.

Remember, biblical Hebrew nouns will sometimes have a conjunction, definite article, plural ending, or possessive indicator attached to them. Look for the basic form of the word amid the prefixes and/or suffixes.

Use the lexicon if you need help.

Bible Verses with Sun, Moon, and/or Stars

Genesis 37:9

Deuteronomy 17:3

Joshua 10:13

Psalm 104:19

Psalm 148:3

Job 25:5

Jeremiah 31:35

There are more Bible verses that contain these words. This is just a sampling to help you practice word recognition.

Lord God, Creator of all things, we thank You for giving us the lights in the sky to remind us of Your eternal brightness. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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