Biblical Hebrew: 3 More Words from Joseph’s Story

I hope you have enjoyed spending time with Joseph’s story this past week. Here, you can review the 5 Hebrew words we learned in the previous lesson about Joseph. As a reminder, Joseph’s story begins with Genesis 37. While we still have Joseph on our hearts, let’s learn three more words in biblical Hebrew.






ach (remember from the previous Joseph lesson, the “ch” is pronounced like a hard “kh” that scrapes in your throat, like the “ch” in the name Bach)

To Rule Over



Just as you did last week, see if you can find these words in your Hebrew Bible. Add them to the words you learned in our previous lesson on Joseph. Practice recognizing and reading them in the Hebrew Bible.

You may also want to write out those verses in English, and substitute the Hebrew words where you can. Try reading it that way – inserting the Hebrew words that you know.

Remember that the purpose of learning biblical Hebrew is to draw closer to God in His Word. Stay focused on Him as you do these exercises. You will be blessed with your time spent with Him.



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