Family Prayer

If you have a family, chances are you have experienced family issues. Families don’t always find it easy to get through a day without some kind of struggle, or miscommunication, or frustration. Sometimes our families feel dysfunctional and we wonder if we are alone in this (we are not alone).

God gave us families for a purpose: relationship. As we experience relationship with each other, we learn better how to relate with God. And vice versa. It is worth the effort.

One thing that helps strengthen a family is prayer. I don’t know how families make it without prayer. A family that prays grows stronger, closer. A family that prays finds peace and is able to work through the tough stuff and the everyday misunderstandings.

A family that prays is able to be who God has created them to be – individually, and as a family.

What does a praying family look like?

A praying family:

Prays for each other
Prays together
Prays with each other
Encourages each other
Seeks God’s best for each other
Asks God for help when things get tough
Goes to God in prayer when offended by each other
Forgives each other
Speaks the truth in love to each other
Asks God to help with misunderstandings and hurts
Shines God’s light in the neighborhood and community

Here are a few ideas to help your family find ways to pray together (click on each one to learn more):

Family prayer box
Family Bible verses
Daily prayer
Upcoming events/calendar
Generational blessings
Family growth/communication
Salt and light – home, school, work, neighborhood
Fruit of Spirit
“Prayed for you” stickies
Prayers for extended family – together, cards, shared prayer cloth (pray and pass), etc
Family prayer board (for prayers, praises, encouragements, and blessings)


When you pray for your family, or when you pray together as a family, try including prayers for your extended family. Then go beyond that to pray for the generations of your family – your whole family tree. You would be amazed how many lives your family prayers will touch, in many ways you will never know, with people you have never met.

Here’s a little vignette that shows a family just starting to pray together for their family line. What do you think happens next?

The Praying Family


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Thank you for your heart to be a praying family.