Writing for Christmas Eve

Does your church have more than one service on Christmas Eve? Or special services leading up to Christmas?

Did you know sometimes it is a challenge for the pastor and church staff to come up with fresh ideas for the service, and especially for the bulletin? Let alone, the materials to advertise the service.

I remember sitting through many years of church staff meetings and a collective sigh would go around the room, as we tried to think up some new ideas at that very busy time of year.

That’s where you, the writer, come in.

Does your pastor or church staff know you love to write? If not, this might be a great time to let them know. And maybe ask if there is anything you can write for the Christmas season that would help them.

You might be surprised at the suggestions they might give you!

If you want to start with one item, you can offer to write a Christmas prayer. I can tell you that every year, we could have used your prayer in the bulletin for our 11 pm Christmas Eve service. Or placed your prayer on the tables of our Christmas Day community lunch. Or in the church newsletter during the week leading up to Christmas. Or in the last Merry Christmas message of our “daily news” email letter. Not to mention on the church website or Facebook page.

Churches need words to share with people. You create words. Ask how you can help your church as a writer this Christmas season.

And don’t stop with Christmas. If you love writing, your church would love to know – all year round. God bless you.