Your Words Mean the World to a Child

Have you considered how you can use your writing gift to speak encouraging words to a child?

Every month I have the privilege of sending a letter to a young girl in the Caribbean. I am her “correspondence sponsor” through an international program. As a missionary, I don’t earn enough to financially sponsor a child. But I am allowed to write letters to a child whose sponsor is not able to write on a regular basis.

Many organizations that help children are glad to have volunteer letter writers. Letters are so important to the children, and not all sponsors have the time to write.

You might find opportunities closer to home as well. Not every organization is able to connect letter writers with children. Usually, this depends on their level of administrative support and security for the children. But it doesn’t hurt to inquire around your town. There might be an organization – even your own church – that would love to give encouraging letters to children. They might even ask for a general letter of encouragement that they can share with all the children.

Or perhaps you feel called to write for organizations that serve the elderly, or the homeless, or others in need. I will never forget when our mission team took a package of letters – written by children in our church – to a group of women living on the streets in Guatemala City. The looks on their faces as they read those letters (in translation) will stay in my heart forever. Those children truly brightened the women’s lives with their words.

You can also write letters of encouragement and blessing to children in your church’s youth ministry, or children’s ministry, or confirmation class. When the kids go to camp or to a retreat, or on a youth mission trip, they also love to receive letters. Talk with your church’s youth or children’s leader to learn how you can put your letter writing skills to good use!

Even closer to home, write letters of blessing and encouragement to your own children and to the children in your extended family.

Pray about it and see where you might fit in best as a letter writer. Don’t underestimate the power of your words to bless a child’s life.