Jesus Has It Covered

I love object lessons in spirituality.

Recently, a friend needed to move her office and several of us pitched in. She has a giant painting of Jesus on her wall. This was painted prophetically during a worship service and it is a stunning portrait. It’s also hard to move and hang on the wall.

In the process of moving her office, a piece of furniture scratched the wall. Fortunately, that’s where she decided to hang the Jesus painting. It was big enough to cover the scratch.

A friend made the observation: “Look! Jesus has it covered.”

Given that our friend uses that office for healing prayer, that seemed very fitting. That’s the message God gives to everyone who comes to Him in prayer: “I’ve got it covered.”

What a wonderful reminder to see that painting on the wall, over the spot that was scratched. Now, every time I see the painting, I will remember: “Jesus has it covered.”