Intercession Takes Time

Intercessors don’t often get to hear the answers to their prayers for people. Often, people move on with their lives and forget to update. Or prayer requests are passed along so many times that we pray for someone we don’t know and can’t contact.

Sometimes the answer itself takes time. That can be the hardest of all, especially when we are watching for fruit and don’t see the results. This doesn’t mean God is not working. It just means we can’t see, with our eyes, what He is doing. He is faithful to answer our prayers. Like the widow in Luke 18:1-8, we have to persist and trust.

Recently, I’ve had two opportunities to see major transformation in the lives of people I prayed for many years ago. I have been through a long season of discouragement. I am grateful for God’s kindness in showing me the fruit of intercession because it encourages me.

Even so, I didn’t stop to think of these changes as fruit of intercession until a friend reminded me that’s what I was seeing. Lest you miss it like I did, this is my advice to you:

Keep a prayer journal. Mark your prayers for other people. List the date and write what God is leading you to pray for that person. Leave space to update with a praise when that time arrives.

Periodically go through your journal and ask the Lord if He still wants you to pray in specific areas. Remind yourself of the things you have asked Him in intercession, and realize He is still working in the lives of those people, even if He has moved you on to pray for others.

This will help you to be aware when He gives you the opportunity to see the fruit of intercession. At that point, go back and look for your original prayer entry in your journal. Add today’s date and write a praise of what God has done.

Recognizing the fruit of intercession and praising God for His faithfulness will help you to grow in faith. It will encourage you during bleak times. If you feel called as an intercessor, those moments when you can see the fruit will keep you persevering in prayer during those long times when you don’t see results.

God is faithful. He is always working in our lives. He responds to our prayers. Keep praying. Trust Him for the rest.