Your Writing Journey Begins with God

When you begin the journey of Christian writing, or even if you’ve been writing for a while, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It seems like there are mountains of things to learn: writing voice, structure, editing techniques, how to get published, blogs, which conferences to attend, pitching an agent, devotional writing, freelance writing … or even the most basic decision: “I know I’m called to write, but what do I write?”

As you enter the world of Christian writing, you will find wonderful resources to help you at each step.

But the first step begins before you consider those other questions.

The first step starts with God.

That thought should bring you comfort. Our awesome God knows exactly what you need and where to find it. He knows the best way to guide you, step by step, on the writing journey to which He has called you.

So take a cleansing breath and exhale. Relax. Rejoice! Christian writing is a journey of spending time with God in prayer and writing. What could be more wonderful than that?

As long as you stay close to God, you can’t get it wrong. What a relief!

More than anything, He wants to spend this time with you.

And He has a message to share with the world – through you. It’s a message uniquely shaped by your life experiences and by the writing voice He has given you.

If you surrender your heart to Him and spend your writing time focused on Him, God will deliver the message when the time is right and where it is most needed. You can trust Him!

All those other questions about techniques, how-to’s, and connections will be important down the road. But before you focus on those questions, start by spending time with God.

Talk with Him about His plans for you as a writer. Share your heart with Him. Tell Him your fears. And your joys. Listen to His heart for you. Know that He loves you with an everlasting love. Enjoy His loving presence.

Get in the habit of spending time with Him every day. Allow Him to shape your heart as a writer. Down the road, when you get busy with your writing, remember to continue spending this time with God each day. Write while sitting in His presence, focused on Him. Practice listening to and writing His heart. Share your own heart and let your words be shaped by the ways God has worked in your life.

He will take care of the rest. It will be an amazing journey.