Why the World Needs Christian Writers

The Bible shows us how God works through the written word. Proverbs tells us that the tongue carries the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21). You have probably experienced the healing or hurtful impact of words.

It shouldn’t surprise us that God calls people to write. He puts the desire to write in a person’s heart. He nurtures and cultivates it. He shows us what and how to write and where to share it.

Whether it’s a magazine article, a devotional blog, a poem in a church’s Sunday bulletin, a book, or a letter to a friend, God loves to speak through our hearts and words. He knows the hearts He will touch through our writing. He shapes our words so they will reach people in ways we couldn’t do without Him.

Just realizing all of this should help you see that Christian writing is needed in the world. And that God knows how to work through your writing.

Daily, we are surrounded by so many hurtful, discouraging, and deceitful words. Imagine the ways God will use your words of encouragement and hope – words inspired by your time with God and His Word. He will light up the darkness with your writing.

It’s important to really understand this and to remember it often. The enemy will try and discourage you as a writer, often to the point where you will doubt what you are doing and want to quit. When you get discouraged, remember to spend quiet time with God. And surround yourself with people you trust who can keep you encouraged when the enemy shouts too loudly.

In whatever ways you feel called to write, God will use your writing to make a difference in the world.

I love writing books, but I also write a lot on the internet. I remember when I first realized how much the internet needs our words about God’s love. I was helping an author create a promotional piece for her book and I searched online to see what people were discussing about depression. When I typed in, “I am depressed,” I was taken immediately to a gambling site! That’s when I realized how the enemy was using words on the internet to trap people and send them away from God.

What if, instead, your blog and your words of hope had come up in my online search?

As Christian writers, the more we can publish the good news online, the more we can point people toward the healing and wholeness that comes only from Jesus Christ.

The world needs Christian writers just like you. Be encouraged! And get ready to write.