5 Simple Moments of Blessing

Here are some simple ways to invite God into your day through blessing.

Many of us bless our meals, whether we eat at home, at a restaurant, or on the go. We may also say prayers of blessing at bedtime, and again when we send our families off to school and work in the morning.

Those are amazing times of family prayer and interactions with God. We bless our day and God’s heart.

What other simple blessings can we bring into our day, to include God in more of our daily life?

1. Pray for safety on the road, even if you are just running a quick errand.

2. When you bring groceries home from the store, pray over them, for the health and nourishment of your family.

3. Any item you bring into your home should be prayed over and blessed, as sometimes items come with spiritual attachments. It’s always a good idea to pray cleansing over everything that comes into your home. If you get in the habit of doing this each time you bring an item home, it’s a great way to bring God and blessings into your day, as well as keeping your home spiritually clean.

4. Speaking of cleaning, pray as you do your housecleaning. Even a quick touchup – wiping a counter, cleaning a mirror, scrubbing a basin – is a great opportunity to pray blessings for your family.

5. When you turn on the television, a movie, a video game, music, when you pick up your phone, turn on the computer, open a book to read – say a quick prayer asking God to bless your time and to keep yourself and your family spiritually protected. Again, this serves double duty – spiritual cleansing and blessing. It’s also a great way to interact more with God throughout your day.

What other moments of blessing do you include in your day?