31 Days of Prayer Starters

If you would like to grow daily in your prayer life, here are some ways to get started. These are simple but powerful prayers, and you can choose one each day for a month. You can even choose just one that is meaningful to you, and repeat it each day. You can add more, from your heart, as you begin to pray. Or keep it very simple and just pray these few words. What’s important is that you are talking with God, and allowing Him to connect with your heart. He will do the rest! These prayer starters can also be a great way to pray together as a family. Or a powerful way for children to begin their school day. Expect amazing things to happen as God responds to your heart. God bless you. 1. God, I love You. 2. God, I want to put You first in my life. 3. God, I want to talk with You every day. 4. God, I want to listen to You. 5. God, I want to know You better. 6. God, I want to hear Your heart. 7. God, I want to obey You. 8. God, I need Your help with everything. 9. God, I can’t do anything without You. 10. God, help me to love You more. 11. God, teach me how to pray for my family. 12. God, bless my family. 13. God, help the people in my town get closer to You. 14. God, help me get closer to You. 15. God, thank You that You are everything I will ever need. 16. God, help me trust You. 17. God, help me know how much You love me. 18. God, help me see You in a new way. 19. God, help me believe Your Word is true. 20. God, help me believe in Your promises. 21. God, thank You for Jesus. 22. God, change my heart. 23. God, help me experience Your love in a new way. 24. God, fill my heart with Your love. 25. God, grow the fruit of the Holy Spirit in me. 26. God, thank You for my life. 27. God, thank You for loving me. 28. God, help me love people with Your love. 29. God, help me talk with You every day. 30. God, fill me with Your peace. 31. God, help me shine with Your light today. In Jesus’ name. Amen Copyright © 2016 by Janet Eriksson ***** Janet Eriksson is an intercessor, writer, and teacher in Dahlonega, Georgia. She loves conversation with friends, front porch swings, sweet tea, and spending time on lakes and rivers. The author of nine books and editor of many more, Janet blogs and teaches at Adventures with God. She enjoys volunteering with Kerri Johnson Ministries. Janet received her M. Div. from Asbury Theological Seminary. Author at Jesus' empty tomb in Jerusalem - He is risen!