Conversation Starters with God

These conversation starters are offered to help you begin talking with God. Set aside 15 minutes of your morning or evening. Choose one of these each day that speaks to your heart … or try some ideas of your own! Enjoy your time with God.

1. Make a list of 3 things that happened today that you want to talk to God about. Take a few minutes now to talk to Him about one of those things. Then sit quietly with Him. You might feel a response from Him, or not. Either way, He is responding to your heart. The more often you do this, the more you’ll begin to notice His response, and how it changes you.

2. What is the highlight of your day that you want to share with God? Share that with Him now.

3. Take out a photo album, or pictures on your phone, or photos you have framed. Talk to God about one or two of your favorite photos.

4. Set a chair for God at your table and share a meal with Him today. Just enjoy that time with Him.

5. What is your favorite thing about YOU? Share that with God, and thank Him for it.

6. Invite God to go on an errand with you today. As you do the errand, keep remembering He is there with you. Can you feel His presence? If that’s hard, ask Him to help you be aware of His presence, and His constant love for you.

7. Go to the dollar store; pick up a coloring book and crayons. Color a picture! Smile as you realize God is watching you, and know that He is smiling too as you color. What would you like to talk to Him about?

8. Sit with God. Silently. Just enjoy each other’s presence.

How is that for starters? What other conversation starters can you try out?

Make it a plan every day to spend time talking with God, and sharing your heart with Him. He loves this time with you, and you will feel so blessed spending this time with Him.

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When you are ready to go deeper in your conversations with God, the 40-day Amazing Prayer Adventure is waiting for you. But don’t stop your daily conversations with God. It’s the best time in the world.


Thank you to my friend and fellow intercessor, Karen Castleberry. We had a wonderful time praying about these conversation starters.