Would You Like God’s Undivided Attention?

The reality is – we’ve got it. God’s undivided attention. Every minute of every day. Amazing, isn’t it? The creator of the universe is focused totally on you, right this minute. And every minute. He is always here, and you have His undivided attention at all times.

The problem comes because we are not always aware of His presence, or His attention. Our attention gets divided by so many things.

Does this mean God wants us all sitting on stumps, just looking at Him all day? Does it mean God doesn’t want us doing things, or paying attention to people? Granted, at some moments or seasons of our life, He might have us spend much more quiet time with Him. But most of the time, He gives us things to do. And He gives us people to be with. We get to share His love with people. We get to remind others, through our own actions and words, that He is real, and He is here.

But often, in the midst of our interactions with others, and our daily activities, we forget He is here. We forget to look for Him – intentionally – and to see Him everywhere, in everything, in everyone.

My intercessor friends and I have talked about how God will wake us up in the middle of the night to pray. Or talk loudly to us in the shower. Why does He do this? I don’t know for sure. But one idea I have is that these are times when He has our undivided attention. When we can hear Him clearly because we are not distracted.

As I mentioned this to one friend, she wondered if maybe we should focus on being more attentive to God during the day. I couldn’t agree more.

How do we do this?

1. Start the day with Him. I know mornings can be busy, and for me, mornings are my worst time of the day. I feel sluggish and disoriented. But what better time to express our need for God? Even five minutes of just sitting quietly with Him, just “being,” can make all the difference for the rest of our day.

2. Expect to see Him. Throughout the day. Keep looking for Him. Stay aware of Him. Notice when you see Him in someone, in some place, in some situation.

3. Talk to Him. Be available to Him. Let Him know He is the most important part of your day. Be attentive to what He says to you, or shows you. Write it down – keep a journal with you, or use the “notes” on your phone. Acknowledge Him, throughout your day. Thank Him for being with you.

We have God’s undivided attention. We need to give Him ours.

What is one simple way you can stay more attuned to God and give Him more attention today?

Please let me know what you come up with, and how it goes, how it changes your day. I would love to hear!