Remember What God Has Done

God has done amazing things, right? If I ask you to list all of them, you wouldn’t be able to fit them into a notebook. If you really stop to think, you will know He has done too many things to name. I am sure some things are written on your heart in such a way you will never forget. But probably other things are too distant to remember. At the time when God does something radical in our lives, we are often so focused on the moment that we forget to mark it to remember it later.

The Bible is filled with examples of marking things for remembrance. From the “remembrance table” of Communion with Jesus to the stones of remembrance in Joshua 4:7, to the marking of the way in Jeremiah 31:21 to the Psalms that recount the great works of God, like Psalm 78, Psalm 105, and others, the Bible makes clear: God understands our need to remember what He does for us, and our limited ability to do so.

How can we remember these moments with God, so we can continue to thank Him, and so He can build our faith, year to year?

Here is one way that helps me. There are many others, but this is something you can try.

In my phone, I have a calendar where I can enter an “event” on a specific day and time. I can also set that event to “repeat” for a future time.

Here’s what I do when God does something I want to remember:

I create an event on my calendar for the day this happens, and I write the year.

For example: On June 2, at 10 am, I might write, “God healed my eye (2016).”

Then I set it to repeat annually.

Next year, on June 2, when I check my calendar, I will be reminded that one year ago, God healed my eye! I can praise Him and thank Him, and my faith will grow stronger.

Ten years later, on June 2, I will still be reminded that God healed my eye. Who knows what I will be going through on that day, and who knows that I might need to remember God’s goodness, right at that moment.

I’ve entered so many of these “moments” over the past several years, that now almost every week, if not more than once a week, I see one of these “remambrances” on my calendar. It has become a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness and goodness. In the bone-dry season I have been walking through, filled with grief, I am thankful to see these entries on my calendar.

There are other ways to remember. For example, one day when God did something so amazing it radically changed me, I wrote a letter to myself, telling myself of His goodness and what He had done. I put the letter in an envelope and gave it to a friend of mine. I asked her to keep it, so that any time I became down and overwhelmed, she could show me the letter, and I would remember. She has since shown me that letter several times, on very bad days, and it has helped.

What are some other ways we can remember what God has done? What are some of the ways that help you remember?