Hearing God’s Voice

God loves you so much. It is His desire to share His heart with you – just because You are His child.

He speaks to each of us in many ways – even through a beautiful sunset! – and He gives us many ways to hear and understand His voice. In John 10:27, Jesus tells us that His sheep (that’s us!) hear His voice, and follow Him.

One of the ways we can learn to hear His voice more clearly is by “journaling with God.” This is the privilege of sitting at His feet, seeking His heart, quieting your mind and spirit, and listening. Then you write what you hear from God – His words to you, as nearly as you can hear them. Journaling with God is a conversation, and you transcribe both parts.

Start by sitting quietly and inviting His presence.

Let His presence surround you.

Then open your journal – I use a plain spiral notebook, but you can use whatever will inspire you.

Write what you want to say to God.

You might have a lot to say – things you just need to get out and share with Him. You might have a circumstance you want to ask Him about. Maybe you just want to ask, “God, what would You like to tell me?” You could ask Him to help you understand a verse of Scripture. Or you might just want to say, “Hello, God. I love You.”

Whatever is on your heart to communicate to Him, write it in your journal.

Then get ready to write His reply.

Hold your pen to paper and listen.

God will reply.

He might just give you one word at a time, or a whole sentence.

Write what you hear.

You might need to ask Him to repeat something. If you come to a word and you are not sure, pause and ask again. If you don’t hear Him, write that: “God, I don’t hear You. Please help me hear You.” Keep asking, and He will help you to hear.

A word of caution: As you write, you might encounter interference from the enemy and from your own mind. Write what you hear, but realize that every word might not be from God.

Use your discernment: Does it line up with Scripture? Does it line up with the nature of God? Does it feel in your heart like God? Then it’s probably God.

Are there words of condemnation, or sarcasm, or hatred? That’s not God.

Scratch out the words or phrases that are not from God, and continue to ask Him for His words. He will help you to hear from Him, and He will help you discern.

Remember – He wants to talk to you. He wants you to hear Him.

You will find that writing your words to God, along with listening for and writing His responses, will help you to hear Him more clearly and will help you with discernment.

You will also discover clarity, guidance, and healing from God through this process.

Journaling with God does not replace prayer, meditation, or Scripture reading; it complements them.

And it will bless you head over heels, as God touches your heart and speaks to you in ways only He can.

If you would like to journal with God but you are struggling to hear His words, let me know. I would love to pray for you. I teach “Journaling with God” at Christian inner healing retreats, and every time I teach it, I stand with each person in faith that God will help that person to hear His words. I will be glad to pray this for you too.

If you read my book, Renewing, you will see some of what I’ve heard and written from God through journaling. In each entry of the Renewing journal, I am seeking God on a verse of Scripture, asking for His words of renewal for those who have received inner healing in certain areas and are walking it out. Every time I’ve asked, He has responded, and His words have touched my heart deeply. I hope they will touch your heart as well.

“Rise up, My darling! Come away with Me, My fair one!” — Song of Songs 2:10 (NLT)


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