God Is Everything

The past two years have been painful. An ongoing sea of grief, trauma, and loss. In recent weeks, I began to feel raw, worn to the bone. In a word: done. Grieving takes time. So does recovery, and restoration.

But one thing I realized: I was not done with God. And I know He was not done with me. Did I yell at Him during these times of hardship? Absolutely. Did I cry out to Him with my face in the carpet? Yes. Did I feel as if He had abandoned me? Of course.

But like Peter, where else would I go but to God? (John 6:68) He is all I’ve got.

As I began to pray through this with Him, and detailed every loss, God reminded me that I have Him. And He is everything.


That word exploded in my wounded heart: God is everything.

And I have Him.

I have everything, because of Him.

As humans, we go through times of loss. God understands. Just look at Jesus weeping over the death of Lazarus, his friend (John 11:33-36).

But despite everything we lose, we still have God. And He is everything.

Does that mean we haven’t felt the pain of loss? Of course not. We lose, and we hurt, and we grieve. God understands this. He enters into our grieving with us. He feels our loss, and it hurts Him too. But on the other side of our losses, we have the awesome privilege to realize we still have God.

And He is everything.

Am I still grieving? Yes. Do I still feel the pain of loss? Absolutely, I do. But with each new day, I feel a little bit more comforted to know God is here, and He is everything.

If you’re hurting today, and grieving in every part of your heart, know that God is here for you. He is your everything. He knows your loss, and He hurts in your pain. He weeps with you.

He is here.