Family Bible Verses

Praying God’s Word is powerful. Praying words from the Bible is a great way to pray. God loves for us to pray Bible verses back to Him. Bible verses are God’s love notes to us. When we pray these back to Him, it’s a way to tell Him, “We got Your awesome message and thank You!” And prayer is one way He helps us take these words of truth into our hearts.

Praying Bible verses is also a great way to pray together as a family. You can do this in many different ways.

One way is to create a “family prayer time” each week, when the whole family gathers and prays together. During this prayer time, find a Bible verse to pray together as a family.

You can take this one step further and choose a family “Bible verse of the week.” Write it somewhere that you will see it each day. (It might be a great idea to create a “prayer space” or “prayer board” in your home, in a highly visible place.)

Each person in the family then prays this “Bible verse of the week” each day. There is something wonderful about praying the same verse together. You will be amazed at how God will speak to each person in your family through this verse. Find a time to share together during the week what He has shown you as you pray this Bible verse.

The next week, choose another “Bible verse of the week” and keep going like this each week throughout the year.

Some churches offer a “Bible verse of the week” for the entire church family to pray together. If your church does this, you might choose the same Bible verse as your family’s verse of the week. (Or maybe your family wants to choose a different verse just for your family.) If your church does not offer a “Bible verse of the week,” pray about whether God might lead you to suggest this!

Have a blessed week with God and with your family.