Why Every Intercessor Needs a Cover

Meet my friend Sally. She’s an intercessor. Every time she prays through a battle zone, she emerges feeling as if she is covered with black and blue marks. “That’s just part of being an intercessor,” she says.


Intercessors should not walk around with targets on their backs. It isn’t necessary for intercessors to wear battle wounds.

Every intercessor needs a cover.

Imagine gunfire breaks out on the street. You look out the window and see a child huddled against a building. Will you run out to rescue the child, and risk both the child and you being shot? Or will you ask a friend with a weapon to cover you while you run to get the child?

It’s the same with intercession. Intercessors need intercessors. If someone isn’t covering you while you pray, the enemy will take you out along with the person you’re praying for. That helps no one.

It’s vital to find trustworthy intercessors to cover you daily, as you pray for others. Through their prayer cover, you will be invisible to the enemy, as you intercede for others. God will then move through your prayers to help the person receiving prayer. It’s like a cascade of intercession that keeps the enemy confused and allows God to move in. Intercessors praying for intercessors, so the prayers of intercession for the people asking for prayer can hit their targets.

To build your cover, start by asking God for names of intercessors who will pray for you daily. Ask these folks if they will pray for God to cover you, so you can do what you’re called to do. If those individuals don’t feel called, ask God for more names. Keep building your cover until you have commitments from at least five intercessors. You’ll need more as God expands your reach.

With a secure cover in place, you can move in and out of situations as God calls you to pray. You may feel some bumps and bruises along the way, but you’ll be able to stand firmly under cover and keep lobbing those prayers.